Don’t Listen To What We Say About Qualitia – Listen To Them

By Aarti Sharma July 24, 2017 Blog

testimonials-featured2-01-300x171.jpgOk we know there’s a chance you had enough of us talking about how Qualitia is the easiest and most powerful way to build your Selenium test automation – we’re just that little bit embarrassed talking about it ourselves (just that tiny bit).  We thought that maybe it was time to let our customers take over this particular baton. Chances are that what they have to say will carry much more weight anyway.

The sceptic’s tale

Clearly not everyone is convinced of the effectiveness of the Scriptless Test Automation approach – here’s a note from someone who started out that way but an experience with Qualitia caused a change of mind.

Minal Parkhi - Manager QA and Implementation at Bizmatics Inc says....... Initially when I heard about Qualitia, I was little sceptical about its 'scriptless approach' as I had never seen automation working without writing a single line of code. We invited Qualitia team for a PoC with set of test cases we were struggling to automate.

The PoC results were exciting as not only were the test cases automated but also within much lesser time than we expected. I found it unbelievably simple and easy to use. Every stage of evaluation process gave me more and more confidence that we have selected the right approach. We decided to adopt Qualitia with Selenium as it not only saved our investment in commercial tools but also helped us to get started quickly

Your weapon of choice

Once it has been decided that Scriptless could be the way to go what were the reasons for customers to choose Qualitia as their preferred approach. This is what a few of them had to say:

Prameet Savla - CTO at Kale Consultants gives the reason why they chose Qualitia.

Being a product company automation of testing process is very crucial for us. We had tried it with leading commercial tools in the past and found that it requires lot of investments in terms of tool and resource cost. And it also takes longer cycles to get the automation done with their approach. We wanted something that is quick to support the agile methodologies.

Peter B.,PMP,Project Manager,Fortune 500 Company says..... We looked at the major vendors as well as the open source community. What we found in Qualitia was a great combination of ease of use and cost. It gave us the ability to leverage the open source Selenium but provided a means to build test cases that didn’t require scripts, which can quickly become out of date and unmanageable in a dynamic environment.

Dhiraj Sankala & Satish Javalekar of Nuance talks of the benefits they expect to derive from using Qualitia……….We have huge automation backlog that we are pursuing and it’s this front that we are looking forward to Qualitia tool to help us get in control, it should help us in building a robust modular, reusable and maintainable automation suite as fast as possible.

The proof of the pudding

What you expect and what you get could be very different – let’s look at what benefits some of our customers were able to get from going the Qualitia way:

Let’s turn to Satish Javalekar of Nuance again………Qualitia brings in the simplicity of use, so the learning curve is minimal and even manual testers can create good Test scripts on the go. It as well provides automation testers to build in intelligence into it by using its open API’s and building custom actions to meet specific requirements. Its script-less automation helps minimize some unwanted scripting efforts by using their built-in actions and UI wrapper around the core framework.

Rajarama Rao B., PMP, Director - Global Services at PTC talks about linking the test automation plans to the business needs and the benefits from doing that with Qualitia.

We have seen great success with Qualitia in achieving the business expectations from test automation that traditional tools could not achieve. We have successfully used and benefited from the use of Qualities across two releases of Windchill. Qualitia simplifies test automation by several folds when compared to tools which use coding/scripted approach.

Vaidyanathan R., Director Engg.(Test), Huawei R&D offers an opinion based on vast experience

As a testing practitioner, I would certainly say that Qualitia is one of its kinds in an industry and reduces the complexity of test automation due to simplified approach.

Anabhra Soni - Director at Rotary Intl. Infotech highlights one of the key benefits of the Qualitia based Scriptless approach – the fact that this enhances the productivity of the existing QA team.

We could continue to leverage our existing QA team. Qualitia gave us a huge boost to quickly start automating without getting into building and maintaining frameworks. We really gained an enormous increase in productivity. Qualitia gives you more bang for your buck.

Let’s give the final word to Peter B.,PMP,Project Manager,Fortune 500 Company

Qualitia gives me the confidence to know that while the people, code, and interfaces will always be changing, my ability to quickly and efficiently execute the appropriate test cases will not.

Clearly, we could not have said it better ourselves!