Myths of test automation

By Aarti Sharma July 18, 2017 Blog


1. Test automation will replace manual testers for good

Manual testing and test automation are two different parts to an efficient testing process, rather than either one of them dominating the entire process. Test automation cannot replace manual testing. Manual testing is absolutely essential. In fact it is an interactive cognitive process done by hand. And hence copes up well with the chaos of incomplete and changing product specifications. Since test automation will follow manual testing, it needs to really embody this perspective.

2. Once automated, cost savings is a given

Cost of test automation is huge. The cost of developing, maintaining and operating test automation makes test automation a huge investment. And to make it a good investment, the secret is to tread this path with caution.

3. Find more bugs

A test case finds bugs not the test script. So, don’t let the testing machinery distract you from the craft of testing.

4. Every test case can be automated

Automating each test case has a cost associated with it. This needs to be weighed against the cost of manually performing this case. Secondly, the maturity of the product needs to be taken into account. Differentiating which test cases will not be impacted or will be least impacted from the product changes will ensure the maintenance cost doesn’t overshadow the benefits of test automation.

5. Anyone can automate

Scripts are nothing else but software code. Hence it needs development talent and software engineering approach. As I said before, don’t let the testing machinery distract you from the craft of testing. Crafting a test case is different from scripting in a particular computer language.